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EA-3A Pro Multi-functional Gurney Stretcher For Low Loading Vehicles

The height of the ambulance cart is set at 58cm, and the wheel size is medium 200mm, which not only takes into account the height of the entrance of the ambulance car, but also ensures that the stretcher can move flexibly and smoothly in various road environments, showing excellent practicability and mobility.

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Multi-functional Gurney Stretcher For Low Loading Vehicles Features:

1. High quality material and treatment

Mainly made of high-strength aluminum alloy, hardened and surface treated to ensure that the stretcher is sturdy and durable and easy to clean and disinfect.

2. Height adjustable design

Overall height ≥ 3 gears adjustment, just through the handle can be easily adjusted to realize the single operation on the car, greatly improving the efficiency of ambulance.

3. Directional, universal wheel switch

The front universal wheel of stretcher adopts elastic pin mechanism, according to the need, it can be oriented straight or universal walking, and the rear universal wheel with brake.

4. Humanized guardrail and safety belt

Equipped with aluminum alloy rotating guardrail, it is convenient for patients to get on and off the stretcher, meanwhile, it is equipped with safety belt to ensure the safety and stability of the patient during the transfer.

5. Upper wheels

There are three pairs of upper wheels on the upper stretcher frame, with a wider range of height on the stretcher.

6. I.V. rack configuration

Built-in inverted three-strand IV stand, maximum adjustable to 80cm, to meet the needs of different patients infusion.

7. Integrated fixation device

The stretcher is equipped with an integrated fixation device, which guides the stretcher to the ambulance smoothly through the three-point fixation system and ensures that the stretcher is in a safe and correctly fixed position in the vehicle.

8. Loading height and wheel size

The height of the stretcher is 690-580mm, and the diameter of the wheels is 200mm, which fully consider the height of the ambulance compartment and the convenience of moving on the ground.

9. Mattress

Adopting ergonomic PVC concave mattress, which perfectly fits the patient’s body.

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Model Material Max.Angle of Backrest High Postion(LxWxH) Low Position(L xWxH) Packing Size(1pc/CTN) Loading N.W G.W
EA-3A Pro Aluninium alloy 90° 197*57.5*101cm 197*57.5*47cm 207*60*47cm 260Kg 51.5Kg 60Kg