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HBS Series Hospital Medical Infant Care Low-pressure Aspirator

The low pressure suction unit is intended for continuous suction drinage in post-operative period for de-compressubg gikkiw vuscys kuje stomach or intestine Similary it can be used for peritoneal cavity or thoracic cavity de-compression. It can also be used to supplement “under water” chest drinage.

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HBS Series Low-pressure Aspirator Introduction:
Low pressure electromagnetism pump, power off without feedback;
Be equipped with the liquid bottle;
HBS-2 low pressure aspirator: Alarm indication for full of bottle;
HBS-3 is made by mould with streamlined design; Ararm indication for full of bottle.
Standard Configuration:
Main body (including the electromagnetism pump, vacuum meter, filter, pressure adjusting valve), liquid tube, liquid bottle.
Power requirement: AC220-230V/50Hz or AC110-120V/50-60Hz, 15VA Pressure range: 0-22Kpa
Aspirate speed is 400m1/10sec (water) when the negative pressure is 22Kpa Working noise: 55dB(A)
Capacity of liquid bottle: 1000m1 (HBS-1/HBS-2/HBS-3)
Product Packaging:
Package: each unit is packed into one carton
Dimension : 385mm x 225mm x 280mm
Gross weight: 4.2kg
Low-pressure Aspirator, Infant Aspirator, Baby Aspirator, Newborn Low-pressure Aspirator