How can I help the elderly down the stairs?


Your older parents need your help to get out of the house for rest and recreation. They may need to go to an outdoor park for refreshments. If they can move and your home is on a level, it’s not a big problem. But if your home has multiple stories, there are steps you should take to land them safely. There are some ideas to help your elderly person down the stairs.

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Use the stair chair lift

If your elder is having some problems in action, this is a simple solution. Most stair chair lifts are equipped with an electric wall-mounted lift with seats for comfortable sitting while landing.

You need to turn on the switch and it will automatically move down. You may find it costly. Typically, at-home ladder wheelchair lifts cost around $3,000 or more. The cost of a curved elevator depends on a number of variables, but prices start at around $9,500 and go up with the complexity and optionality of the stairs. But it is of great benefit to your elders, and can help you manage your activities effectively without the interference of your elders.

Use crutches to secure down the stairs

If you see that your elder can stand, you can choose cheap and affordable solutions. You can use crutches downstairs to provide them with proper and safe service. Standard canes and four-canes are the best options for helping elders downstairs. But if your elder cannot stand or move, then don’t choose it that might hurt them.

Help them as they go downstairs.

No matter how much excellent equipment you provide them, it’s always best to help them down the stairs. You may not give them time to land each time, but make sure their safety is maximized.

Use a climbing chair

The stair wheelchair is the best mobile device to help people move without running into problems. The wheelchair is highly supportive, allowing them to move independently.

The electric stair climbing wheelchair can not only climb stairs, but also walk on flat ground. You can switch between horizontal walking and stair climbing functions. When walking on flat ground, the crawler can walk like a wheelchair. When it comes to stairs, you can put down your tracks and climb them like a small tank.

Through the electric motor drive, without operator effort to get help, mobility inconvenience of the elderly can go up and down the stairs, but also with a brake function, up and down the stairs, the operator as long as release the control button can stop to rest, will not slip.

At a cost of about $1,000 or more, stair chairs are cheaper than stair lifts and offer maximum freedom and independence.


It’s dangerous for your elders to go downstairs. You should arrange stair lifts, climbing chairs, and crutches to ensure that they land safely on the ground. But every time you show up, it’s more important than anything.


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