How do folding stretchers work?


How do folding stretchers work?


1. First open the folding stretcher

2. Push away the support of the stretcher, and the connection between the two main branches is fully stretched straight. The stretcher must be completely flat.

3. Fix the patient with a lanyard and adjust the lanyard until it is moderate. Keep your feet forward!

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6 Things About The Folding Stretcher


1. Before transporting the injured, check the vital signs and injury site of the injured, focusing on whether the head, spine and chest of the injured are injured, especially whether the cervical vertebra is injured.

2. Firstly, the airway of the wounded should be kept smooth, and then the injured part should be hemostasis, bandaging and fixation in accordance with the technical operation specifications. Only if it’s handled properly can it be moved.

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3. When personnel, stretchers, etc., are not ready, handling heavy and unconscious casualties, should be considered comprehensively. Prevent falling, falling and other accidents during handling.

4. Observe the changes in the condition of the injured person at any time during the handling process. Once an emergency occurs on the way, such as asphyxia, respiratory arrest and convulsions, the handling should be stopped and emergency treatment should be carried out immediately.

5. In special sites, transport should be carried out in special ways.

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6. Carry the injured with spinal and spinal cord injuries

After being placed on a rigid stretcher, the body and stretcher must be firmly fixed with a scarf or other cloth bands. Especially for those with cervical spine injuries, sandbags, pillows, and clothes must be placed on both sides of the head and neck for fixation to limit the movement of the cervical spine in all directions. Then, the forehead and stretcher should be fixed with a scarf, and the whole body should be wrapped together with a scarf and stretcher.

EA-1D1/1D2 Folding stretchers, which can be used by rescue teams to move victims to safety in the event of a disaster occurring in difficult terrain or bad weather conditions. It can fold quickly and does not affect the use.


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