How does an evacuation chair work?


What are evacuation chairs?

Evacuation chairs provide mobility impaired people with a safe and comfortable way to evacuate a building in the event of an emergency, such as a fire.

The chairs can help a variety of different people who may be in your building. A person may be unable to be evacuated without assistance due to disability, an injury, mental health, pregnancy or other medical conditions. Evacuation chairs allow them to leave a building quickly and safely during an emergency.

Evacuation chairs are also known as  disabled evacuation chairs, stairway evacuation chairs, fire evacuation chairs, or evac chairs.

How do they work?

The chairs are made out of materials that are lightweight but strong. While going down the stairs, the tracks attached to the chair create friction which slows down the descent and allows for a controlled journey. Once a person reaches ground level, the chair can then be used as a wheelchair to ensure the evacuee can get to safety. When not in use, evacuation chairs simply fold flat and are stored neatly on the wall.

Powered Evacuation Chair:

Manual Evacuation Chair:

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