How is stainless steel stretcher anticorrosive?


stainless steel stretcher,acidic substance,alkaline substance

This needs to be clear stainless steel stretcher will be what substances corroded.

1. Salt seawater


Salt will erode the stainless steel body, making stainless steel corrosion peeling, and the hospital is commonly used in normal saline, although the salt content is relatively low, but long-term erosion will also lead to slight corrosion, so when giving patients saline must pay attention not to drop on the stretcher, drop on the use of cotton immediately wipe it clean, It is best to use cotton cloth dipped in water to wipe it once a day.


2. Acidic substance


Acidic substances are corrosive, we all know, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and so on, all acidic substances fall on the stretcher should immediately use water to wipe clean, do not wait for a long time.


3. Alkaline substance


Alkaline substances will also corrode stainless steel, anti-corrosion work with acidic substances.

In addition, there are some strong corrosive medium, stainless steel stretcher must not be exposed to, even after contact should be done correctly, so that stainless steel can always maintain good robustness, with a long service life. Stretcher storage space of stainless steel shall conform to dry ventilation conditions.

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