How should canvas stretchers be cleaned?


Canvas stretchers are very common in first aid products. This kind of canvas stretcher is very simple in structure, mainly consisting of two metal materials and double-layer fabric canvas, with non-slip rubber handles, which are not only easy to carry but also very durable.To find a folding stretcher for military use, click here.

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So a lot of times when you’re transporting the wounded, you have serious injuries and there’s bleeding, so you’re gonna stain the stretcher, how do you clean it?


Most canvas stretchers are detachable. When the canvas is dirty, the canvas fabric can be disassembled and then cleaned. Since the canvas fabric is relatively heavy, it is very difficult to wash it by hand. Let dry in a sunny, airy place before reinstalling and using.

If the canvas stretcher is not removable, it will be relatively difficult to clean it. It can be cleaned directly with a soft brush dipped in water, and then dipped in disinfectant to disinfect the whole range, dry before use.

There are strict hygiene standards for hospitals, and the cleanliness of cleaning is useless to worry about. It is especially important to emphasize that when used again, we must check whether the fastening part is firm in advance, so as to ensure the safety in use.


Emergency stretcher should pay attention to the disinfection of this link, even if there is a little blood is not cleaned up will breed a large number of bacteria, to the future use of the wounded bring great safety risks, and may even make the wounded innocent death, so we should pay special attention to.


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