How to choose a morgue stretcher?


When setting up a morgue or funeral home, you will face multiple challenges. First, you must make sure you have a funeral table or dressing table that experts can use to dispose of the body. And to move a body from one part of the morgue to another, you must include some morgue stretchers in the morgue inventory.

When you buy a stretcher for a morgue, you want it to last a long time.

When choosing mortuary equipment – Mortuary stretcher check:

What are they made of?

How they’re constructed, what their load capacity is.

How heavy is the stretcher?

Mortuary stretchers, typically made of steel, may last longer but are also heavier than the aluminum alloy used in many mortuary beds today. The way these stretchers are built also serves to ensure that they will last a long time. When choosing a mortuary stretcher, make sure the joints are strong or reinforced enough to help you move heavy bodies in the mortuary. You must be sure to choose a light stretcher to help the morgue staff lift the body onto easily.

What is the main use of the morgue stretcher?

Take the bodies to the morgue or take them from one place to another.

Therefore, it is very important that the mortuary staff have no problem lifting the body after placing it on a stretcher.

Therefore, when purchasing stretcher – Mortuary Transport Equipment, you must check the handle of the stretcher. Be sure to check the handle yourself before selecting a stretcher. Make sure they are comfortable so that the handler doesn’t have any problems lifting the body on the stretcher and moving it or adjusting the height. Many mortuary stretchers are one-man operations, meaning an operator can adjust the height and load the body onto the vehicle.

Sometimes, more than two people may be involved in carrying heavier bodies. Therefore, mortuary stretchers must also be prepared for this. You must ensure that multiple people with stretchers can safely remove the body.

How wide is the stretcher?

Stretchers are not always moved manually by mortuary staff. They were placed in vehicles or moved to other areas of the morgue. Therefore, it is important that the body can be placed on the morgue stretcher that you use. Some offer folding handles as side rails to help prevent excessive hanging on body parts. For larger bodies or obese individuals, there are oversized mortuary beds with wide platforms to securely immobilize the body.

Therefore, when we buy a stretcher, we must look at the width of the stretcher.

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Can the stretcher be cleaned?

When you use stretchers in the morgue, you must maintain them properly. One of the most important things you must do is clean the stretcher regularly.

However, not all mortuary cots can be washed. So do your research when buying a stretcher.

For mortuaries, buy stretchers made from materials that can be easily cleaned. Keep in mind that a mortuary cot that is easy to clean may remain usable for a longer period of time than one that cannot be cleaned properly.


The stretcher is one of the most important parts of a morgue. You can’t expect the morgue to function without them. Therefore, you must include the right type of morgue stretcher. You must choose a stretcher carefully before adding it to a hospital morgue. Asking these questions will certainly help you choose the right mortuary stretcher.

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