How to choose the right suction machine


A Suction Machine is a device for removing liquids or gases by suction, especially an instrument that uses suction to remove substances, such as mucus or serum, from a body cavity. A suction machine is used to create a partial vacuum. A suction machine has been prescribed by your doctor to help remove secretions and mucus from your airways. In addition, a suction machine may be needed when you have a moist cough, are unable to effectively clear secretions from the throat, or are having difficulty breathing or feel that you cannot get enough air.
Will suctioning hurt?
No. Using a suction machine for suctioning should not cause pain. You may feel short of breath and you may cough, but these are normal reactions and should not be painful.
Where should the suction machine be used?
The suction machine should be used in a well-lit area. Place the machine on a sturdy surface that will support the weight of the suction machine, such as a table or desk.
Care for your suction machine
Make sure when using a suction machine that you eplace collection canisters, connecting tubing and suction catheters that are hard or cracked according to the manufacturers guidelines.Make sure you empty the canister on the suction machine every night or when it becomes more than half full. This will prevent from backup of mucus into the filter which will cause contamination and require you to change the filter on the suction machine. Make sure you follow the manufacturers guidelines in relation to how often you must dissinfect reusable equipment (the canister, canister lid and suction tubing). To get the most out of your suction machine you should clean and soak the suction machine equipment every night for 15 minutes in a basin or sink filled with warm water and dish detergent. It would be recommended to clean yoursuction machine and equipment (canister, the lid, and the suction tubing) at least 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes in a solution of three parts water and one part vinegar. Make sure you do not get the filter wet or the electrical components of the suction machine. Make sure you rinse the equipment completely. Dry the equipment and the suction machine with clean towels. Make sure before putting all the suction machine equipment pie.

JX820D is the latest portable AC/DC suction unit. It is specially used for secretion, blood, vomitus and mucus removal of the patient who have undergone tracheostomy or had the trachea blocked, and for emergency treatment to a respiratory tract patient in hospital, first-aid teams, or social medical services, especially for a patient who is transported by vehicle or is in a place without AC/DC power supply.

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