GA202 Hydraulic Embalming Table For Sale Mortuary Cadaver Dissection Table

Product Specialty:
The Hydraulic Embalming Table will hold up to 650 pounds. High quality Stainless Steel top makes table easy to clean. Specially designed shape of stainless steel makes fluids drain away from body.

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Hydraulic Embalming Table For Sale Cadaver Dissection Table Description:

Hydraulic embalming table provides hydraulic power for you. Tilt and height adjustment are accomplished by hydraulic pedals. Embalming table for sale offers quick adjustments and personalized Settings with the option to lower or raise either end 70cm to 100cm above the floor for easy preparation from standing or sitting. However, hydraulic power is not the only distinguishing feature of the operating table. The mortuary table has a convex top that drains fluids from the body. An ultra-deep groove runs through the perimeter of the table, eliminating the need for splash guards. A drainpipe located in the center of the foot can quickly drain liquid from the table. The cadaver dissection table locks all four 8-inch rotating wheels instantly with a single foot pedal. Morgue table with finish type 304 stainless steel ensures easy maintenance.

These tables are used for autopsy, embalming, dressing bodies for funerals, temporary storage of bodies, and for educational purposes. These tables are specifically designed to keep preservatives and body fluids away from funeral homes or medical professionals. A well-constructed autopsy table is essential to maintaining a safe and clean working environment in your morgue or funeral home.

Hydraulic Embalming Table For Sale Cadaver Dissection Table Features:

1. High quality 304 stainless steel, easy to maintain. Antifouling plastic base keeps the product clean.
2. Four 8-inch (20cm) rotating wheels lock instantly with foot brakes
3. Allow the use of three pedals to quickly adjust the height and Angle, can choose to lower or raise any end or overall lift.
4. Table top drains are welded to the top and located in the center of the foot so liquid can be quickly drained from the table top
5. The table top has a raised shape, which is specially designed to drain fluids from the body.
6. Deep grooves on all sides, which do not require splash guards, help fluid flow easily to the drainage outlet in the center of the foot.
7. Multi-purpose hydraulic haulers for hospitals, coroners’ facilities and morgues.

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Model GA202
Specifications: Max Height: 100 cm
Min Height: 70 cm
Load Capacity: 650 lbs (295 kg)
Trendelenburg: 0°-10°
Reverse Trendelenburg: 0°-10°
Stainless Steel Top: Length: 205 cm
Width: 82 cm (Optional 90cm width)
Height: 4.5″(11cm)
Weight: 107 lbs (49kg)