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There are many people in the society who need the help of others for mobility. But, with the advancement of technology, the medical science is highly developed today. With the help advanced technology, medical scientists have made an expansive scope of availability types of gear that can give a helpful way of life to mobility impaired peoples. They have developed stair Electric Trolley Cart  for those needy people for both home and working personnel. In this way, they can easily access different parts securely and serenely.

Evacuation Chair Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair Trolley Cart is a perfect mobility and evacuating device, thanks to the electric motor driven by lithium battery, this motorized stair climbing chair can carry patients up and down stairs easily and safely.

Advantages of electric stairs wheelchair:

The Electric Trolley Cart is a self-balance wheelchair, which is convenient, automatic and easy to pass through the stairs.
-24V, 200W or 36V, 300W brushless motor, three-speed adjustment to people provide a new experience, four wear-resistant rubber wheels, can explore disorders of different rubber tracks, provide smooth and safe cycling stairs . Aluminum alloy material, foldable, small and convenient.
We produce this Electric Trolley Cart  to aid the rescue solutions and serve civilian purpose. In the old residential buildings, there are so many phusically imparied erderly people, with the help of this powered stair chair, one person can operate the chair to transport elderly person, infant, fat people, pregnant down stairs very easily and safely.
The electric staircase chair finally designed to allow the caregiver to be safe and effectively sent to the stairs safely, stopping it on the stairs, no motivation, can also switch to the manual gear, can also be used as a manual wheelchair.

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EA-8FPN Evacuation Chair Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair Trolley Cart It is a perfect mobile and evacuation equipment, suitable for everyone, prevents any injury, and ensures their safety.

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