Is the plastic spine board foldable?


What is a plastic spine board?

The plastic spine board is an emergency response product designed to limit and support the patient during transfer, despite the possibility of spinal or limb injury as a result of an accident.

When used in this case, it should be used with a head retainer and a connecting strap.

Rescue Board is a necessary emergency product for the easy and stable transfer of personnel after traffic accidents, occupational accidents, search and rescue operations, traumatic situations and many unfortunate events that require such response.

Despite the possibility of traumatic injury to the patient’s spine or any part of the body, one of the most important aspects of first aid on the scene is to make the transfer as stable as possible and to maintain the current state of being stable despite limited movement. The plastic spine board, due to its nature, when used in conjunction with a head retainer and a connecting band, can minimize the patient’s movement and maintain the current condition. Therefore, before the emergency rescue team arrives, the patient should easily reach the spinal plate because of any accident.

Therefore, the spine board can be used in ambulances, hospitals, schools, government agencies, private institutions and organizations, construction sites, stadiums, shopping centers, certain parts of public transportation, in short, anywhere an emergency response may be required after an accident.

Advantages of folding spine board

In the course of transferring the injured, the quality of the spinal plate is an important aid tool to ensure the safety of the injured and avoid further injury. At present, the spinal plate used is bulky, bulky, and inconvenient to carry, especially for all kinds of fracture patients have the possibility of re-injury.

In some emergency situations, however, the folding spine board can effectively reduce the space it takes up when not in use. In addition, the folding spine board is rigid on one side and flexible on the other, allowing you to select an appropriate side according to the patient’s situation.

Patients strapped to poorly designed spinal boards can exacerbate pain and injury. Our Folding Spine Board series represents the best in ergonomics and engineering for first responders, achieving the ultimate balance between patient comfort, safety and safety.

Collapsible Spine Board features a rugged design that is strong and lightweight and can be completely fixed. Collapsible spine board’s biggest advantages are that it can be used for long-distance transportation, with a collapsible design and a size that fits into the vehicle for longer or more technical movements. The spinal plate has a unique “trapezoidal handle”. While gamepads aren’t really designed to be carried around for long periods of time, they have several big advantages; They are very light and less likely to get trapped under the device, and if they do exist and any part is visible, you can pull the part to retrieve the entire ladder assembly. Please check out our lightweight foldable spine board.

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