• medical litter,litter cart,stretcher carrier
  • medical litter,litter cart,stretcher carrier
  • medical litter,litter cart,stretcher carrier

EA-LC Medical Litter Cart Stretcher Carrier On wheels

The Wheeled Litter Carrier is the lightest wheeled litter cart on the market for single person transport to & from MedEVAC vehicles, aircraft, etc. The Wheeled Litter Carrier has a locking clamp system to keep the litter firmly in place, and it allows for different litter widths.

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Medical Litter Carrier On wheels Description:

medical litter was designed for the collection, treatment and evacuation of the wounded in combat, and to this day contributes greatly to the humanitarian emergency response. The stretcher carrier is ideal for civilian emergencies and disasters. Its versatility allows it to provide first aid services to survivors in the wilderness.

Medical Litter Cart On wheels Features:

1. Can be adapted to any type of field or emergency stretcher, pick-up stretcher or spine board.

2. Unique support leg structure, rapid application deployment in case of emergency, folding when not in use.

3. Two oversized non-inflatable wheels for most environments and terrains.

4. The fixture can fix the stretcher in the proper position in a few seconds.

5. Only one porter is needed to quickly transport patients or supplies over various terrains

medical litter,litter cart,stretcher carrier


N.W. Open Dimensions Closed Dimensions Available colour
21KG 112*68*88cm 52*65*85cm Orange/army green/blue