Isolation stretchers help transport infected patients


Most healthcare systems around the world are now struggling with infection stress, reporting full hospitals and intensive care units. The challenges faced by healthcare professionals during this period are many. Among them, the safe transportation of patients affected by COVID. An important aspect of planning and handling pandemic logistics is the possibility of moving and transporting patients. At every stage of transport, the safety of public and healthcare professionals must be a top priority. Complete isolation of patients in a health care system that is beyond its capacity to provide safer transportation for patients, health professionals and the surrounding environment. The safe transportation of infected patients is critical to maximizing the capacity of our health care system.

EA-13A Medical Portable Emergency Transport Isolation Stretcher is a single patient Isolation and Transport device designed to provide maximum patient safety and comfort while allowing for intensive care and treatment. It protects the environment from infected patients and protects vulnerable patients from polluting the environment.
We are committed to protecting all people — nurses, doctors, patients and all people in infectious environments — and prioritizing safe medical transportation when people’s lives are at risk. Make medical transportation safer and easier. It can take up to four hours for ambulances to move patients quickly without sterilizing them, making it impossible to pick up other patients who may be in a critical condition. Personal protective equipment is not required during transport, allowing nurses and doctors to treat patients without feeling tired or uncomfortable, thus improving the efficiency of treatment and care.medical stretcher,emergency stretcher,stretcher ambulance transport,isolation stretcher,portable emergency stretcher
Usually, during the transport process, medical personnel need to sit next to the patient and assess their condition through communication. Communication is possible through the all-around waterproof zipper, good tightness, and a specially designed transparent top. There are 10 operating ports in it to make nursing more convenient. The isolation structure is built on the carrying stretcher and allows the system to be safely transferred between the stretchers. It can be carried and used with most stretchers.

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