Military stretcher assistance war


Stretcher is a tool for the transport of the wounded, used for disaster scene, battlefield rescue and short distance transport of the sick and wounded, is an important part of health emergency equipment. In modern warfare, the first hour after injury is the most precious “golden time” for the wounded. If the wounded remain stable during this time, more than 40% of their lives could be saved. As one of the primary rescue support equipment, stretchers are the primary medical rescue site, and healthcare professionals should take immediate life-saving measures when servicemen are injured in combat. Military stretchers are cost-effective casualty platforms for rescue workers responding to the challenges of natural disasters and mass casualty evacuation.

EA-1D7 Medical Aluminum Folding Stretcher Heavy Duty Military Stretcher is a lightweight folding stretcher that can be folded into four sections. The fold is small and light enough to fit comfortably on your back without protruding above your shoulders. It allows for complete freedom of movement — even if the neck is twisted, the helmet won’t hit it. Don’t worry about hanging up at a low opening or showing off a high-profile target to enemy fire.
The folding mode of the stretcher can achieve rapid expansion and retraction, without affecting the tactical use. The basic structure is composed of stretcher pole, stretcher surface, leg, horizontal brace, fixing belt, handle, etc.
In addition to being simple and convenient, the folding stretcher is made of polypropylene mesh, which is easy to purify, allowing blood, body fluids, water and dangerous chemicals to flow freely from the patient during decontamination. It can be used in different forms in different scenarios. Strong but lightweight aluminum poles, hinges, legs, and derricks allow two people to lift to help an injured person lying on a stretcher.

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In modern wars, due to the increasing effectiveness of weapons, the number of critically wounded has increased significantly. From the present point of view, with the increase of strain tasks, how to quickly rescue the wounded, reduce death, this is also the focus of the development of all countries.

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