How do I choose a motor when buying an electric climbing chair?


What about the quality of the electric stair climbing chair? Consumers are more concerned about the quality of the motor. If the motor is powerful, the actual over-control of the electric stair climbing chair is good. Consumers are willing to choose such a stair climbing chair product. Next, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the motor.

Electric climbing chair motor

First.,Product motor.

1. Electric stair climbing chair long-term use of brushed motor, its material is mainly made of a large number of metals, high density, the use of more wear-resistant.

2. Patients use the speed is relatively low, the use of safer, but although the speed is relatively low, but in the use of the time to pay attention not to drive too fast, especially in the vehicle more road.

3.Less failure, electric stair climbing chair quality assurance.

Second, the characteristics of brushless motors.

1. Advantages: electronic commutation instead of traditional mechanical commutation, reliable performance, no wear and tear, low failure rate, life is six times the brush motor, represents the development direction of electric vehicles; belong to the stationary motor, no-load current is small, high efficiency, small size.
2. Disadvantages: there is a slight vibration when starting at low speed. If the speed increases and the commutation frequency increases, the vibration phenomenon is not felt; the price is high and the controller requirements are high; it is easy to form resonance because anything has an inherent vibration frequency, if the vibration frequency of the brushless motor is the same as the vibration frequency of the frame or plastic parts, or the vibration frequency of the brushless motor is the same. The resonance phenomenon tends to form when close, but it can be minimised by adjustment. This is why it is normal for brushless motor-driven electric vehicles to sometimes make a buzzing sound. The pedals are more strenuous to pedal. It is best to combine electric drive with pedal assist.

Third, Features of brush motors.

1. Advantages: smooth variable speed, almost no vibration; low temperature rise, good reliability; low price, therefore used by more manufacturers.
2. Disadvantages: carbon brushes are easy to wear, more troublesome to replace and have a short life; high running current, motor magnets are easy to demagnetise, reducing the life of the motor and battery.

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