EA-3AD Plus First Aid Motorized Stretcher Gurney Ambulance Stretcher

The overall use of scientific structural frames, beautiful appearance, large load capacity, suitable for emergency transshipment in front of the hospital and in the hospital. The height can be arbitrarily adjusted, which can match the height of the bed, which is convenient for the bed, and the patient’s pain can be reduced.

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First Aid Motorized Stretcher Gurney Ambulance Stretcher Description:

The motorised stretcher is used to transport the patient safely and comfortably. The patient will remain on the stretcher for the entire journey and can lie flat or recline for comfort. Our stretcher transport requires a minimum of two operators, but in some special cases we may require additional manpower.
The first aid stretcher is an innovative battery-powered hydraulic system that raises and lowers the patient at the push of a button. The foot-end mounted batteries are easy to use and replace in any situation. gurney ambulance stretcher folds down for emergency vehicles and has an adjustable load height feature that allows the unit to be set to different ambulance deck heights for proper body mechanics during loading and unloading.
The gurney stretcher’s battery-powered hydraulic lifting system allows the operator to raise and lower the stretcher vehicle using electric controls. ambulance gurney is also equipped with a manual back-up release handle for operation in the event of a power failure.

First Aid Motorized Stretcher Gurney Ambulance Stretcher Features:

1. Dual lithium battery electric ambulance stretcher trolley with smooth, safe and convenient left and right up and down movement for use in a variety of emergency spaces.
2. Specially designed X-bracket to ensure more stability and comfort when going downhill without power supply.
3. HLS hydraulic system for smooth and comfortable lifting, equipped with non-electric emergency protection mechanism.
4. Steering and positioning function for easy operation in tight spaces. The front wheels are designed with directional universal wheels for easy operation in tight spaces and the rear wheels can be automatically positioned.
6. electric lift, intelligent buffer, double battery system main and auxiliary battery switching, simple operation, greatly reducing the labour intensity of medical staff.
7. The height can be adjusted at will to match the height of the hospital bed, facilitating the crossing of the bed and alleviating the pain of the patient. The dynamic and sensitive lifting function has significant advantages over traditional loading stretchers, saving labour and avoiding secondary injuries to patients caused by improper operation.
8. Adjustable maximum loading height to match all types of ambulances.
9. pressure release system designed to fold the stretcher in the event of a power failure.
10. Electric/manual stretcher base available as an option.
11. Built-in impact position allows immediate change of patient position by raising the foot 20 degrees without affecting the patient’s breathing.
12. Warning light for safety and visibility.
13. equipped with rotatable side rails and a rotatable IV Pole.
14. Stretcher with adjustable length telescopic range: 0-40cm for easy access to confined areas.

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Main Specification
Model EA-3AD Plus
Stretcher N.W. 93KG
Platform N.W. 97KG
Capacity 280KG
High dimension 2060×570×1230mm
Low dimension 2060×570×385mm
The back adjust Angle ≥90°
The leg adjust Angle ≥18°
The battery type Lithium ion rechargeable battenies
Battery working power supply DC36V 6Ah