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EA-5FPN Plus Portable Outdoor Wheelchair Lift Stair Crawler Wheelchair With Joystick

The electric wheelchair with the ability to go up and down stairs is a kind of autonomous and convenient auxiliary equipment for the disabled and the elderly. Using electric stair climbing wheelchairs, many patients with walking difficulties can easily go down stairs to participate in outdoor activities, which is conducive to their physical rehabilitation and mental health.

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Portable Outdoor Wheelchair Lift Stair Crawler Wheelchair With Joystick Features:

1. Two modes of use, freely switchable: wheelchair mode and climbing mode

2. Manual brakes on both sides to prevent tipping

3. High and low adjustable backrest to suit users of different heights

4. Foldable footrest to save space

5. Wear-resistant and silent castors for easy pushing on flat surfaces. 8.

6. Easy to fold and fit in the boot.

7. Anti-backflip wheel design to prevent unstable falls when going up slopes.

8. Large capacity battery, can climb up to 2000 steps on a full charge.

9. Widely used in hospitals, emergency centres, home care, etc.


Climbing mode

1. one-touch start climbing mode with automatic track placement.

2. one-man operation with track drive up and down stairs, with stationary stopping on stair steps.


Wheelchair mode

1. with intelligent universal remote control, including: power switch, horn button, speed display, acceleration/deceleration buttons, 360° operating lever.

2. Both left and right handrails can be installed and can be adjusted at will to suit your needs.

3. Use the intelligent universal remote control to go out and take care of yourself, supporting multi-road conditions.

Model Motor Battery Folded Size Product Size Packing Size(1PC) Loading N.W G.W
EA-5FPN Plus 200W 250W*2 29.4V/3A 88*63*48.5cm 96*63*115cm 113*70*36cm ≤181kg 45kg 60kg