How to prevent the ambulance stretcher from collapsing?



Accidents can easily happen if you’re not careful, and stretcher falls are more common than you think. If you happen to transport someone on a stretcher, extra care needs to be taken to prevent any unnecessary accidents and provide them with a smooth and comfortable ride. Here are some things to consider when transporting a patient on a stretcher.

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The most common reasons for ambulance stretcher:


Failure or improper use of patient restraints

Lost control of stretcher during transit

Colliding with an invisible obstacle

Improper action

How to prevent ambulance cot from tipping over?

Be aware of your surroundings. Most stretcher accidents are caused by carelessness and inattention to the surroundings. Even if you are pressed for time, you should always be careful, steady and cautious in your movements.

Use items that reduce friction. You can use large moving vans, transfer tarpaulins, skateboards, and even garbage bags to help transport your patience. These items are very useful for adding to your stretcher program and can help reduce the number of stretcher accidents you may have.

Always use an emergency Stretcher restraint. Most EMS Stretchers are already equipped with restraints. These items are not for decoration. They have an important role and should always be used with a stretcher. Once you transfer the patient to a stretcher, your first priority should be to properly restrain them using the stretcher restraints provided. These convenient accessories can prevent many stretcher accidents.

Always roll your stretcher correctly and carefully. For optimal control and maneuverability, always roll the stretcher from your waist. For maximum patient safety, always roll the stretcher foot first. You should also push the stretcher away from the patient’s head, avoiding pulling it.

Keep these tips in mind in order to provide the best service and keep your patients comfortable and safe during stretcher transport. Stretcher transport may seem like an easy thing to do, but accidents can easily happen if you are careless and don’t follow proper safety procedures. Therefore, please remain vigilant and exercise caution in order to provide the safest ride experience for your patients.

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