Provide a essential clinical autopsy table for forensic


Dissection is a medical and biological term that refers to the dissection of a human body or animal or plant with a special knife or scissors. Anatomy is the study of the normal form and structure of the human body. Morphology which belongs to biological science is an important basic course in medical science.

Anatomy table is the most commonly used experimental equipment or medical equipment in the laboratory and operating room. Whether human anatomy or animal anatomy is usually done on the anatomy table. The traditional anatomical table generally consists of a bed board supported by the legs of the bed, which is very simple in structure. In the process of dissection, the human body or animal body can be placed on the bed board and then dissected, which provides a carrier for people to cut the body or body and brings convenience.

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GA2003A2 Luxury Multi-functional Forensic Autopsy Table Dissection Table has the dual functions of ventilation and anatomy. The overall shape is luxurious and magnificent. It is made of stainless steel molded and formed by Seijing. Acid and alkali resistant. The mesa is concave, the frame inside is inclined, equipped with the head bracket, the pool, the faucet, does not form scale, is easy to clean. The platform panel can be opened for easy interlayer washing and disinfection; The negative pressure ventilation system, especially the harmful odor blood water produced during the dissection, can be pumped out from under the dissection table, thus improving the working conditions of forensic personnel and improving the quality of identification and inspection level. The use of ultra-long, ultra-wide table design, so that the operator has a larger space, anatomy table table positive and negative rotation 45° to facilitate multi-angle photography; The circular rotatable base ensures the safe and stable operation of the dissection table.

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