Why choose a basket stretcher?


A stretcher is a common piece of equipment, but it is the core of the equipment used to transport the wounded. It is mainly used in ambulances, hospitals, war zones and stadiums to transport the sick and injured. The development of the stretcher has taken hundreds of years, leading to the systems available today. After successful rescue at the scene, the critically wounded must be safely and quickly sent to the hospital for further rescue and treatment. The first stretchers were used to transport the wounded in war. With the expansion of the medical system, stretchers are widely used in public systems such as hospitals, ambulances and fire brigades.

Our stretchers are highly customizable and can be purchased in different types according to the user’s needs. Structurally, the stretcher has a sturdy frame and a simple, reliable mechanism that enables the operator to safely and quickly take first aid measures. The stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and some stretchers are fitted with comfortable foam pads that do not cause additional harm to the patient and are more durable than regular stretchers.

Basket stretcher is a common type of stretcher available on the market. It is an unusual looking stretcher constructed to allow for the wide range, flexibility and specificity of first aid, such as air or sea rescue.

Made of aluminum, the sturdy frame, simple and reliable mechanism allows the operator to safely and quickly administer first aid. The hook hanger can be attached to the hook on the aircraft for on-site rescue. In transporting the trapped person, the trapped person is placed in a stretcher, which is enclosed in the stretcher by a protruding edge around the perimeter and a flat belt in front. This prevents the trapped person from being removed from the stretcher due to its displacement. Interestingly, the basket stretcher is similar in shape to its namesake, resembling a small boat. When carrying an injured person on a basket stretcher, place the person flat, secure the neck, insert the left and right pieces of the stretcher from the side of the person’s back, buckle and lift out.

The Medical Emergency Plastic Basket Stretcher with Lift Bridle is sturdy and flexible with its fast and reliable fitting so first responders can operate quickly and safely. With its special sling equipment, the stretcher is ideal for lifting and transporting by helicopter. Different types of stretchers have different characteristics and are made of high strength aluminum alloy and waterproof leather material, which is very durable.Basket Stretcher, Rescue Basket Stretcher, Patient Transport Stretcher, First Aid Basket Stretcher, Emergency Basket Stretcher, Stretcher with Lifting Bridle

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