The corpse body bag for COVID-19 rescue


Over the past year, we have all witnessed the impact of COVID-19 as it ravages the globe, particularly for frontline workers, where the lack of personal protective equipment, including corpse body bags that can protect them from any contact with the contaminated dead, is one of the many issues our frontline staff have had to face.

Emergency organizations, medical examiner’s offices, hospitals, morgues and funeral homes across the country are rapidly exhausting their stocks of standard body bags. The sudden demand has left the country’s few manufacturers and suppliers of body bags unable to keep up. Even with the addition of more staff and multiple shifts, body bag manufacturers reported backlogs of three to six months or more.

As a company focused on medical and funeral services, we knew we had to do something to help our front-line workers. Our products are designed to prevent moisture, liquids and odors from entering by providing airtight bags.

As a result, our corpse body bag was born.

Our body bags are not refrigerated, bio-sealed bags for infectious human remains, which means they can be stored outside if needed. Traditional body bags have disadvantages that need to be addressed through redesign and use of appropriate materials to adequately meet the requirements of the current COVID-19 situation. The current body bag design does not allow for the family’s affection for the deceased and caters to the family’s desire to see the deceased’s face without exposing them to a high probability of infection from the corpse. As a result, it is a very traumatic experience for the family and, in many cases, the body is not treated with respect due to the lack of safe-designed body bags, which also puts health workers at avoidable risk of infection. The body bag came with three paper identification tags. One was attached to the body, one was attached to his personal effects, one was attached to the bag.

Our GA402 PEVA body bag addresses this situation of COVID-19 deceased so that it is (1) leakproof, (2) impermeable/waterproof, (3) sturdy enough, (4) ergonomic in design, and (5) viewable to the body’s face for family viewing prior to cremation/burial.

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Various customizable

For ease of use, we now offer cadaver Pouch in various forms. You can choose to make bags in any size, but, if you’re looking for a faster and more efficient way, we also offer custom pre-cut bags that can be folded and stored in a 2ft x 2ft space.

The Cadaver Pouch is not only suitable for use in morgues and hospitals, but also very suitable for use. Our body bags are chlorine-free and safe for cremation without polluting the environment and producing toxic gases.

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