Transport of COVID-19 remains: Dead Body bags


When dealing with deaths related to infectious diseases, it is important to dispose of the deceased’s remains in a respectful and safe manner.

The Covid-19 virus pandemic has led to a large number of deaths and increased demand for burials and cremations. A body bag is a container in which the body is placed, for faster, convenient, and quick removal of the body and in respect of the deceased. Agencies, medical examiners’ offices, hospitals and mortuaries are experiencing a widening gap in their inventory of body bags.

Traditional body bags have shortcomings that require redesign and use of appropriate materials to adequately meet the requirements of the current Covid-19 situation. Most current body bags are designed to hide the victim’s face, so as not to expose the body and cause infection. It was a very traumatic experience for the family. In many cases, bodies are not treated with respect due to the absence of safely designed body bags, which also exposes health workers to avoidable risk of infection.

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How to properly use dead body bag to deal with COVID-19?

The launch of body bags designed specifically for covid-19 in response to COVID-19. Body bags are transparent, allowing those caring for the deceased to view the remains with minimal risk of exposure.

There are other models in different colors for use in cases such as homicide investigations or drowning.

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When transporting the deceased, the body must be placed and secured in a bag or parcel to prevent any leakage of exudates or other substances. Double bagging may be required to achieve this.

corpse body bag should be clearly and permanently marked “COVID-19 – Handle with care”.

Used body bags should be discarded in the medical waste stream.

Each body bag is for one person.

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