Types And Usage of Ambulance Stretchers


Whether natural or man-made disasters, the stretcher will be one of the indispensable rescue tools. There are many kinds of first aid stretchers with different names. According to their structure, function and material characteristics, they can be divided into three types: simple stretchers, general stretchers and special purpose stretchers.


The simple stretcher is a very common emergency protective equipment. In the absence or shortage of stretchers, temporary stretchers are made from local materials. A temporary stretcher made of strong fabric, such as blankets and clothing, with two strong poles, is generally used for emergency evacuation of the wounded.


General stretchers mainly refer to the standard stretchers with uniform specifications, which are generally guaranteed to be used interchangeably between arms and different service departments, without too much emphasis on appearance and with practicality.


The special stretcher is the latest stretcher invented by people with the passage of time. It is designed and used mainly in view of the special climate, terrain, casualty characteristics and other conditions that are not suitable for the transfer of the general stretcher.


The following is the introduction and use of several types of special stretchers.


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1. Scoop stretcher


Scoop stretchers minimize secondary injury to the patient’s spine during handling. It is mainly used for seriously injured persons. If seriously injured persons use it, the probability of accident can be reduced.

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2. Immobilization


Immobilization can be used for spine and head injuries, and with splints for other fracture injuries.First Aid Basket Stretcher, Basket Stretcher, Rescue Basket Stretcher, Patient Transport Stretcher

3. Basket stretcher


The structure of the basket stretcher focuses on the universality, flexibility and particularity of first aid, such as air or sea rescue. The rugged frame and simple and reliable device enable operators to take emergency measures safely and quickly. The hook suspension can be connected with the hook on the plane to realize field rescue.


4. Stretcher


The stretcher is also called ambulance stretcher, which is suitable for ambulance, hospital, field, gymnasium to transport the wounded and sick, also can be used for general operation. The stretcher is made of high quality aluminum alloy, light and flexible structure, foam cushion, which makes the wounded and sick lie comfortably. The structure of the stretcher is low frame, which can move on the ground and can be lifted for walking.


The four above rescue stretchers should pay attention to the following four points when transporting the sick and patient:

1. Different positions are required for patients with different conditions of injury (disease);
2. The casualty must buckle the safety belt after carrying the stretcher to avoid falling off;
3. Patients should keep their heads high and keep their heads as level as possible when going up and down stairs;
4. After getting on the stretcher, it should be fixed, and the casualty should keep the position of head towards front feet and back.


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