• vacuum splint kit,immobilization splint,injuries splint

EA-11B02 Muti-channel Vacuum Splint Kit Leg/Arm/Shoulder Injuries Splint

Compact and secure, it comes in a convenient bag with a storage compartment, waterproof and X-ray transparent for easy transport and stability. Limb splints are bimanual and can be used on the left or right side.

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Muti-channel Vacuum Splint Kit Leg/Arm/Shoulder Injuries Splint Features:

1. Equipped with three durable structural splints, full leg and half leg and arm

2. The material of vacuum splint is TPU, which can penetrate and does not affect X-ray, CT and MRI examination.

3. The discharge of air causes the splint to harden, thus providing stability and fixation of the limb.

4. Fast and painless fixation of the broken limb.

5. Equipped with transport bag and mini pump

6. Quick application adjustment of flexible buckle and belt.

7. Multi-chamber system

8. Keep the vacuum for more than 72 hours.

vacuum splint kit,immobilization splint,injuries splint

MODEL EA-11B02 (Leg) EA-11B02 ( Arm) EA-11B02(Multipurpose)
LENGHT (cm) 110 65.5 57
TOP WIDTH (TOP) (cm) 67 29 47
BOTTOM WIDTH (cm) 45 47 47
THICKNESS (cm) 2.2 2.2 2.2
WEIGHT(kg) 1.4 0.65 0.7