Wanrooe donated for Pakistan floods


In a video message, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the people of Pakistan are suffering the heaviest rains and floods in a century. The extreme weather has killed more than 10 million people, displaced millions and affected the entire country.


Pakistan and China have a “hard-core” friendship. Wanrooe, a Chinese company, is providing $500 relief aid to the victims of the floods in Pakistan, hoping that the people of Pakistan will soon overcome the floods.

Hundreds of representatives of the affected people attended the ceremony. The donated supplies are food, which can meet the emergency food needs of at least 1,000 affected families in the area.

Natural disasters are frightening. It is only in the face of force majeure that we realize our own insignificance. In the face of danger, human solidarity can also bring fortitude, although this strength of nature, but at least can bring people will indomitable.

We call on more people to lend a hand to help the affected people.


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