What are Scoop Stretcher used for?


The scoop stretcher is a device used specifically for moving injured people. It is most frequently used to lift people who may have a spinal cord injury from the ground, either due to unconsciousness or in order to maintain stability in the case of trauma.

Wanrooemed scoop stretcher has a structure that can be split vertically into two parts, with shaped ‘blades’ towards the centre which can be brought together underneath a patient. The two halves are placed separately either side of the patient, and then brought together until securing clips at the top and bottom both engage.

Scoop stretchers reduce the chance of undesirable movement of injured areas during transfer of a trauma patient, as they maintain the patient in a supine alignment during transfer to a stretcher, vacuum mattress or long spine board). They are more comfortable than a long spine board for transport.

The scoop stretcher can be used for patient transport, provided the patient is strapped. For comfort and safety reasons, it is recommended to transfer the patient to a vacuum mattress instead, in which case the scoop stretcher is put on the transport device and then opened.

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