What are spider straps?


The spider strap is an innovative strapping system used to secure the patient to the entire back or shovel stretcher. It is easy to use, efficient and will quickly become an essential device. The spider strap, or longboard patient harness as it is sometimes called, is designed to immobilize an injured person while being transported on a spinal plate. Spider straps can be applied quickly and secure the patient to the backboard safely and comfortably.


The spider belt is known around the world as the ultimate fixation patient, and the spider spider is rated superior to its peers mainly because of the heavy nylon used in manufacturing. Ruggedness and ease of use are the main reasons EMS professionals find spider belts so appealing.


The Color spider belt is made of the same sturdy nylon and Velcro straps, but has a different colored belt with a reflective belt in the middle. EMS workers are drawn to colorful spider ribbons because they are so bright and stand out during rescues. As before, they fit into any spine board and the middle reflector band aid in night rescues or rescues in dark places.


It is uniquely designed with ten joints that can be easily fixed to the shoulder and foot areas of the spine board. This high quality nylon webber has been tested at 6,000 pounds and comes with a secure hook-and-loop fastener system. It consists of a central shoulder strap, two shoulder straps, and four diagonal shoulder straps for secure fastening.


As an essential rescue device in the EMS industry, Spider Strap system is efficient and easy to use. The color-coded straps of the one-piece seat belt are easily traversed through the plate and secured around the patient’s torso and limbs using high-strength Velcro. Spider bands can be used in conjunction with most spine boards to help immobilize the patient for transport.


The band passes through the spinal plate and is secured around the patient using high-strength Velcro. A complete system for securing the patient to a spine board. The whole band is joined together to form a harness. This is a very effective way of anchoring the patient to the spinal plate.


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