What are spine boards used for?


What is a spine board?

The spine board is a flat body support, which is relatively light in weight. There are holes along the edges of the spinal plate through which the tape is threaded to hold and immobilize the patient. This binding medical device is used to limit patients with spinal injuries, which can be spinal injuries. Most spine boards have extra straps or extra foam pads to further stabilize the head and neck. The X-ray needs to penetrate the spinal plate, and the spinal plate needs to be strong. X-rays also need to be able to penetrate the spinal plate in order to assess spinal damage without removing the patient from the board. To meet these specifications, spine boards are usually made of plastic or wood. The spine board may also need buoyancy to aid in water rescues.

When is a spine board used?

This must begin at the scene of the accident and continue until unstable spinal injuries are ruled out. The prehospital use of spine boards facilitates patient rescue and minimizes the need for further log rolling during transfer to the hospital.

How to use a spine board?

Fix the victim’s body and limbs on the spine board, fix the head from head to foot, fix the head with a head fixer, check each strap from bottom to top, and determine the patient’s breathing. Lift the injured smoothly, foot first, the operator in the head side, while observing the head and neck situation. First of all, the first aid personnel smoothly on the stretcher, carry the wounded, the foot side first, the operator head side, while observing the head and neck condition of the wounded. Spinal injury management should always keep the spinal plate in a straight state, no bending or twisting. In the process of transport, attention should be paid to the vital signs and disease changes. It needs to be disinfected after use to be ready for the next emergency. The spinal plate needs to be cleaned with an antibacterial solution or wipes.

The EA-1F4/F4N/F5 Emergency Rescue Stretcher First-Aid Board Medical Spine Board is lightweight, weighing less than 15 pounds and able to float more than 300 pounds in water. The spine board is made of top-quality materials and has multiple handles that are easy to lift, preventing pressure on the person’s lower back while transferring the patient without putting pressure on the patient’s injury. Super smooth surface, no sharp edges to ensure skin safety. The plate is 100% X-ray translucent to prevent aggravation of possible spinal injury during transmission and medical imaging.

spine board,spin board,what are spine boards used for,spinal injury,spinal plateSpine boards in various forms have been the gold standard in post-traumatic management, where damage to the spine or neck is identified or suspected. This product is a must-have item for any first aid professional and is invaluable in avoiding further injury by immobilizing the patient prior to transport. As a standard item in every ambulance, spine boards also have a wide range of uses in workplaces, schools, swimming pools, sports centers and funeral services.

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