What can be used for military first aid in war?


War casualties and geographical disasters are inevitable in ancient and modern times, yet it is essential that all military powers prepare their armies to reduce the loss of countless reserve personnel.

War will cause a large number of casualties. It is an important task for researchers of military medical equipment and first aid equipment to transport the wounded safely and quickly to the front line of battle wound treatment. In modern warfare, the most dangerous phase for wounded personnel is the evacuation from the battlefield to the field hospital. According to the theory of battlefield prescription treatment, the first hour after trauma is the most precious “golden time” for the wounded. If the wounded’s condition can remain stable during this period, more than 40% of the lives can be saved.

Military stretchers

Using military stretcher, stretcher bar can be folded into four sections, further shortening the length, small size, ergonomic, suitable for individual soldiers to carry. Medics can accompany combat personnel on foot with stretchers, and can deploy stretchers at any time to evacuate the wounded.

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Military tourniquet

The military tourniquet is a useful aid for self-rescue. It relies on strong contractile force to compress blood vessels quickly and stop blood flow. Compared with the traditional gauze bandage, it has two characteristics: one is fast, second hemostasis; Second, it can be operated by a soldier, even without the help of comrades or paramedics.

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In the field conditions, in the process of combat trauma treatment, these first aid supplies can help military doctors quickly treat the wounded and minimize the damage caused by war. As a kind of first aid rescue device, can rescue the wounded and sick in a very short time, to a certain extent can decide life and death!

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