What is a head immobilizer used for?


This is important in an emergency because the retainer can be inserted into any spinal plate, saving time and helping to get the job done in the right way. Because making everything fast and professional helps save lives.

This new head immobilizer is universal. This means the fixer can be fitted and strapped to any spine board.

What is a head immobilizer used for?

1. Head immobilizer helps you move quickly in an emergency. The head immobilizer can be fitted comfortably and quickly to any plate, providing first responders with vital time to help save precious lives. In a life-saving situation, you don’t want to think about parts or assemblies. You want things to move fast. Ideally, the head immobilizer is attached to the board and ready to go.

2. This head immobilizer is suitable for assembly with any spine board. Since the spine board may be replaced or replaced from time to time, the head immobilizer is suitable for any spine backboard. In any case, the head fixator may change position. Or a new spine board can be replaced periodically. In any case, the alarm can be mounted on any spine board.

3. Your head immobilizer can withstand various external factors. The alarm can withstand wind, rain, chlorine and seawater. The head immobilizer is strong enough to withstand these factors. This head guard will be used year after year. Place the alarm and board in a very accessible place without worrying about parts rotting away. In any emergency, having a head fixator and spine board nearby is critical to saving valuable time.

3. The head immobilizer floats in case it floats away in a certain way in an emergency. The alarm is made of foam material floating inside.

4. The head immobilizer can also firmly maintain the stability of the head. The overall goal is to ensure that the victim’s head does not move during transportation. This is critical in life-saving situations and a prerequisite for any burglar alarm. Because it is important to keep the victim’s head safe and stable to prevent further injuries. The parts provide additional support and fixation for the victim’s head.head immobilizer,what is a head immobilizer,spin board,spine board,head fixator

The EB-1A Medical Rescue Head Immobilizer For Spine Board Stretcher adopts two separate designs, which are light and easy to use. It is made of closed foam material and will not absorb blood and body fluids. It is easy to clean and disinfect. It can be used repeatedly and will not be affected by bad weather. The whole part includes a substrate and two head straps that can be used repeatedly. There are reasonable ear holes on either side of the head to observe bleeding or drainage. The overall material is metal-free and can be used with any wooden, aluminum or plastic plate and spoon stretcher, as well as a variety of neck braces, for X-ray, CT and MRI examinations without the patient removing the head fixator.

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