What is a stretcher base?


What is a stretcher base?

The stretcher base, also known as the stretcher platform, is a metal structure fixed to the floor of the medical ambulance to facilitate the loading and unloading of the stretcher and compensate for the height difference between the vehicle floor and the stretcher. The purpose of the ambulance stretcher platform is to improve the safety of first responders and patients in the medical cabin. Stretcher base may have a variety of accessories and functions. In fact, over the years, they have evolved to meet the specific needs of out-of-hospital medical rescue and transportation.

Development of stretcher platform

The increasing number of medical equipment required on rescue vehicles and the specific equipment used to treat patients has influenced the design of the stretcher base.

First, the available space in the medical module needs to be optimized to accommodate all equipment required for the new protocol and to enable operators to move easily and work efficiently. So we see the first stretcher stand with a compartment to hold the Scoop stretcher or spinal plate.

Later, the need for a device that allowed the operator to move the patient closer or farther into the rear compartment led to the creation of stretcher supports with side movement, often activated by pedals or levers.

Over time, new features were introduced: the tray could be pulled out to make loading and unloading of the stretcher easier; Loading height can be electrically or manually adjusted; Stretcher support can be set in the shock position; Shock absorbing models absorb vibrations and jolts, which are critical for delicate transport such as for patients with multiple injuries or infants.

How to use stretcher platform?

In the process of handling personnel, people need to be placed in the hypothesis, the stretcher bed surface can be adjusted according to the actual operation requirements to lean forward or backward state, bedrest adopt can lock type pneumatic spring support, can be adjusted within the range 0 to 60 degrees, the configuration before and after the fixed frame, install the stretcher stretcher in the appropriate location can be locked on the ambulance stretcher. In the process of moving, you need to maintain stability. The stretcher loaded into the ambulance to transport the patient is placed on a platform: a rectangular surface, usually made of steel or aluminum, that is part of the base of the stretcher. A stretcher platform, on the other hand, is a system that allows a stretcher to be loaded onto an ambulance and mounted on a tray placed above the base of the stretcher.

EA-D1 Medical Stainless Steel Stretcher Platform For Ambulance Strethcer is suitable For Ambulance, the base of the Stretcher is designed to facilitate the upper and lower of the aluminum Stretcher. Stretcher platform with flaps, hydraulic rod design, save time and labor, and can adjust the height up and down, convenient ambulance stretcher on and off.

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