What is the temperature in a morgue refrigerator?


The mortuary is used to hold the deceased pending identification, burial/cremation, removal for autopsy, etc. However, storage of human corpses can last from hours to days, and in rare cases weeks. That’s why constant refrigeration is needed to prevent decay. Morgue refrigerator creates this environment for the body. Almost all modern medical facilities have a freezer with a mortuary refrigerator inside. As these refrigerators were used more and more, they came up with a number of features that further improved their mortuary usability.

Mortuary cold rooms are used to preserve the deceased for the time necessary for identification, autopsy, or pending burial.

What is the temperature in a morgue refrigerator?

There are two types of mortuary or mortuary cold room temperatures:

* Mortarium – Positive temperature +2/+4 °C (35.6°/39.2°F). This is to preserve the body for days or weeks, but does not stop the decomposition of the body, which continues, albeit slowly.

Mortuary – Negative temperature of -15°C/-25°C (5°/-13°F), which is common in forensic institutions, especially for bodies that have not yet been identified. At these temperatures, the body freezes completely and decomposition stops completely. Mortuary cold rooms are used to preserve the deceased as long as identification is required, during autopsies or while awaiting burial.

What kind of bodies do you keep in your morgue refrigerator?

There were a lot of bodies in the morgue. In the context of the Novel Coronavirus, there are a large number of deaths every day.

Very few bodies are buried and physically disposed of within 24 hours of death. Since cadavers are less likely to decompose, we don’t need mortuary cabinets for these types of bodies.

In case of an accident, the police must carry out an examination, and the body is kept in the morgue for a few days, less than a week.

Unidentified bodies and bodies of soldiers during the war are kept for long periods of time without burial and physical disposal needs to be kept in morgues. You can’t store a corpse at 2-6 degrees Celsius for more than a week. A week later the body began to decompose at a very rapid rate and for hygiene reasons, we couldn’t store the body in the morgue cabinet.

GA308 Funeral Police Morgue Freezer&Refrigeration 8 Morgue Drawers can hold up to eight bodies.The single structure of the mortuary refrigerators ensures that these refrigerators take up minimal floor space and provide maximum storage space. This design ensures that mortuary refrigerators are not too bulky. These mortuary refrigerators are made of stainless steel, which ensures the cleanliness of the mortuary. Polyurethane insulation is adopted to further improve the service life of the refrigerator. Chrome handles on the doors add durability to the structure. Modern mortuary refrigerators are built based on a modular design that improves the extensibility of the refrigerator. It is easy to add more units to the existing ones with minor adjustments.

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In decades past, embalming was by far the most popular option, and many funeral homes relied on embalming as their sole source of preservation for prepared bodies.

However, as cremation and eco-burials become more popular, more funeral homes are investing in warm and cold options. In fact, many funeral homes are now even investing in negative temperature refrigeration to further meet demand.

If you are making plans for a deceased family member or friend and plan to use refrigeration as your preservation method, it is important to discuss refrigeration with your funeral home before making any arrangements.


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