What kind of stairs is the electric stair climbing chair suitable for?


The stair climber is suitable for disabled and elderly people who need to go up and down the stairs, making it accessible on the stairs of buildings without suitable equipment for going up and down the stairs. The crawler on the back of the stair climber allows us to pull up and down easily, safely and securely.

What stairs does the stair climbing chair fit?

1. It is applicable to almost all stairs, such as wooden, stone, carpet type, metal material, iron and other stairs.
2. Applicable to straight stairs also applicable to rotating stairs.
3. There are requirements for the height of the stairs, the height of the stairs is not higher than 21CM are possible, of course, also depends on the weighing capacity of the stairs, if the stairs are overhead, the weighing capacity is poor, carrying hundreds of pounds of heavy objects upstairs, may cause the stairs to collapse.

Advantages of electric stair climbing wheelchair

1. Foldable and compact structure.

This portable stair climbing chair can be easily folded and fastened for transportation. This portable feature is so convenient that it can easily fit in the trunk of your car while still leaving room for other items!

2. Light weight.

This quick fold stair climbing chair weighs 40 kg, so it can be taken anywhere!

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