What stretcher is used on ships?


The last thing any sailor wants is to have an accident on board a ship that lacks proper medical facilities. However, because the ship is a complex floating structure, there are many machinery and mobile equipment, and the space is narrow, so it is still prone to accidents.

In the event of a shipboard accident, the lives of the personnel are largely dependent on the time it takes to transfer the personnel from the scene of the accident to the shipboard ward for first aid and other medical procedures. The ship is equipped with a variety of medical equipment, of which the Neil Robertson stretcher is one of the most commonly used on board.

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The Neil Robertson stretcher is the perfect design for accessing tight Spaces such as cargo holds, pump rooms and boiler rooms through small hatches or doors.

The slatted design allows the stretcher to be fully folded up, perfect for reaching the victim in a limited space, or even just for storage. The slats are sewn into the hard canvas, and the victim is firmly held in place by several fastening straps during the lifting process.


Why did you choose Neil Robertson stretcher?

Maritime law requires that every lifeboat on a ship should be equipped with the same number of Neil Robertson stretchers.

The product is often the stretcher of choice in difficult rescue situations and is popular with the Royal Navy, merchant shipping, mining, industrial and emergency rescue services.

neil robertson stretcher,emergency rescue service,medical equipment


1. The injured person is firmly tied up with a stretcher to avoid accidental falls.

2. It can be removed vertically from narrow Spaces such as hatches because the victim is held in place on a stretcher.

3. When the lifeline is attached to the stretcher, unnecessary rocking can be avoided.

4. Easy to use and take to the scene of the accident.

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