What’s important for the mortuary stretcher?


When bodies are brought to funeral homes, they often need to be moved from one location to another for various purposes, including embalming. To solve this problem, make sure that the morgue stretcher you place in your funeral home can be operated by one person. This will help adjust the height of the stretcher to your requirements, even if there is no one nearby or to help. In addition, you must install morgue tables on wheels so that they can be moved from one place to another in your facility when needed.

The width of the mortuary stretcher is one of the most important things to do, making sure there is enough space around it to prevent the body from falling off the stretcher. Therefore, it is important that the stretcher be of the right width to move the body from one place to another. In addition, morgue stretchers must be of proper length to ensure that bodies can be carried without difficulty.
The stretcher must be placed at mortuary height to move the body properly. These single-person operated stretchers can be independently raised or lowered to the desired height at either end. It needs to be placed directly on the floor. And pulled up by staff when needed. This is important to help individuals manage tasks safely without assistance.
It is important to have wheels at the bottom of the stretcher. When you use a stretcher in the morgue, you need to move the body on the stretcher. Many of them may not be very light. Therefore, it is important that morgue stretchers have features that help morgue workers move them easily. This is where the wheel becomes important. For people who work in morgues, they might make the process of getting a body from one place to another easier. But make sure the wheels can lock so the stretcher doesn’t move around when it’s not in use.importance of stretching,mortuary stretcher,morgue stretcher,mortuary cot,why is stretching so important
A stretcher is an integral part of any morgue. GA200B Heavy Duty Mortuary Cot Multi-Level Fodable Funeral Stretcher will ensure that Mortuary staff can move the Stretcher effortlessly and the delivery task can be done in a proper manner.

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