Where do they store dead bodies?


Dead body freezer is widely considered to be the greenest way to store a body as it has the least impact on the planet, as no chemicals are added to the planet after the body is buried and decayed.


There are two types of refrigeration commonly used to preserve the dead, positive morgue cold and negative morgue cold. Warm refrigerators are common in funeral homes and morgues. Negative temperature refrigerators are commonly used by forensic institutions for criminal investigations and unidentified remains. Morgue refrigerator are usually available in a variety of styles, from one to six. In general, these cabinets are very energy efficient and have good cooling properties that do not deform over time.


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1.  In practice, modern court jurisdictions usually make every effort to requisition equipment and/or facilities not normally used for the storage of corpses, to serve as temporary morgues if necessary. In theory, any large enough refrigerated space could serve as a temporary morgue in this case.


2. The morgue is a supporting facility for general hospitals, mainly for the death of patients in the hospital to provide temporary storage places and other funeral services.


A morgue is also called a morgue. A hospital mortuary is a place where bodies are placed for autopsy or for respectful burial, cremation, or other methods. In order to ensure respect for a dead body, it is necessary to have the facilities and equipment required by services such as a corpse cart, a corpse bed, and a refrigerator for proper disposal.


The morgue freezer is an essential instrument. In order to preserve the body completely, the body is kept in cold storage at -10℃, and the corrosion rate of the body is very slow.


3. Hospitals are not funeral facilities, and the preservation and treatment of bodies are often less professional than funeral home staff. As a sign of respect for the deceased, funeral homes can now work with hospitals to get a professional funeral service to the body as soon as possible.


The funeral home needs to purchase a certain number of cold storage facilities, which has also improved the related service facilities and service environment. Among them, there are various grades of mortuary storage rooms, set up combination cabinet type mortuary storage room, single mortuary storage room, which can accommodate the storage of bodies. The whole funeral business more concise, more human.


4. In the process of criminal investigation, the early corpse phenomenon provides an important scientific basis for ascertaining the case facts. So in order to find out the cause of death, preserving the evidence of the body is crucial.


For some cases of difficult and complicated diseases, it may be considered to store them in the public security organs. At this time, it is necessary to equip the body freezer to ensure the collection of body evidence.


All homicide cases cannot be separated from forensic autopsy, which is a very important part of forensic examination. If the corpse is corrupted, it will destroy the damage and pathological changes before death, which will bring insurmountable difficulties to the forensic medical identification work. In order to obtain as much evidence as possible, efforts should be made to conduct an autopsy as soon as possible or to preserve the body in cold storage, with cryogenic refrigeration equipment in place for the storage of corpses.


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