Which material should be used for medical resuscitator?


Resuscitators have replaced many artificial respiration techniques and become an essential part of emergency equipment. An artificial resuscitator is a device that replaces artificial mouth-to-mouth breathing and allows the oxygen concentration to increase, bringing the patient back to sanity as quickly as possible.

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An artificial resuscitation device is a necessary first aid device for all doctors. In medicine, we’re constantly changing the material of the device, the sophistication of the device.

Silicone resuscitator is a better material for resuscitator.

First of all, the material of the silicone resuscitator is relative to the previous plastic resuscitator, to become a lot of firm. In our life, the use of silica gel is more common, its role is more resilient, not easy to damage, and has a certain degree of softness, when squeezed, can be more convenient. It’s also more airtight and more molecular-dense than plastic. In the past, the plastic resuscitator is made of plastic, so it is easy to crack when used improperly. The material of plastic is relatively hard, even if it is soft plastic, it is easy to cause creases because of regular use. After a long time, the crease will break. But the softness of the silica gel allows it to be used for a long time and will not be easily damaged.


Secondly, silica gel is less sensitive to temperature than plastic. We often use silicone spatula for cooking, because silicone can withstand very high temperatures, which is also the possibility of using silicone in a lot of mobile phone cases. But plastic is easy to become brittle, because the temperature is too high, the plastic will have a qualitative change, become brittle. Or when it’s cold, plastic can crack and break. So temperature limits plastic products, but silicone resuscitators do not have this problem.

medical resuscitator,silicone resuscitator,artificial resuscitation,manual resuscitator,pvc resuscitator

We provide medical resuscitators, silicone resuscitators (except masks, oxygen tubes and liquid storage bags) can be repeatedly autoclaved. Ensures a comfortable and firm grip, allowing for long periods of effective ventilation without hand fatigue problems.

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