Who is using the stair chair for cargo?


The electric stair climbing chair is now widely used, especially in building materials, home appliances, moving and other heavy lifting industries. Greatly reduce the construction workers, household appliances porter labor, reduce labor injuries.

As a high-tech product, it can not only be folded and easy to carry, but also has a strong carrying capacity. It plays an extremely important role in the automated logistics system. Compared with the previous manual handling, moving trolley cart has the advantages of fast action, high work efficiency, good safety and manpower saving. It is several times more efficient than humans, powered by lithium batteries and powered by electric motors. Normal people can resist 100-150 pounds of heavy objects upstairs, electric climbing machine can pull 100-450 pounds, saving time and effort.

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Logistics Distribution


Logistics distribution in life mainly includes express delivery, home appliance distribution, moving services, etc., home appliance distribution often needs to carry large weight household appliance furniture, and the handling service is inevitable to carry furniture weighing up to two or three hundred jin, if there is no good handling tools, you can only carry refrigerators, air conditioners, sofas such household appliance furniture by hand, this process is very hard, If you hit the stairs, the delivery is even harder.

The electric stair climbing chair solves the problem of heavy lifting, making it easy to carry loads and seamlessly connecting the flat to the stairs, saving a lot of energy and making the job easier.


Construction Project


The construction industry is also a big demand for electric stair climbing chair, construction workers in need of such equipment can climb up and down.

At construction sites, especially small ones, heavy objects such as bricks, cement and sand need to be carried. In the handling of these building materials, often need to be transported from the first floor to the third floor, the second floor to the fourth floor, such handling needs to be building materials from a floor of a certain place to move to another floor of a certain place, such a situation only rely on the crane, promotion and degradation, or trolley, pallet car can not fully meet the needs, the need for electric climbing machine so flexible “point to point” handling load equipment.

Due to the particularity of building materials handling, building stair chair businesses will launch building climbing chair, this kind of climbing chair load larger, fuselage strength is good, leather wear resistance, very suitable for handling building materials, naturally has become the “standard tool” of construction practitioners.


Manufacturing industry


The factory floor is also where a lot of climbing chairs are needed. The manufacturing industry has a great demand for handling, from material procurement, product research and development, material scheduling, product transportation and other links, need to be carried out constantly. In the past in the workshop, the large weight of goods need mechanical handling, for light goods, manufacturers often can only rely on the cart, cart this kind of manual handling tools, encounter stairs can only be barely bare hand handling, can be said to have been a blank on the handling tools. The stair chair can be a good complement to this gap, with a common upper load of up to 300 jin, which is suitable for light and medium loads.

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