Why is a casket lowering device?


Providing the deceased with the most dignified and most respectful last body is the basic obligation of all organizers and cemetery operators.As part of Funeral, Undertaker and Cemetery Equipment family, the Coffin and Casket lowering device is part of the funeral products that every funeral undertaker use to lower the Coffin or Casket into the grave, and so, complete the funeral service.

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The coffin reduction device is a device for the funeral parlor. It mechanically lowers the coffin onto the grave and is used to lower the coffin or the coffin automatically into the grave.With the lowering device already placed on an open grave, the Coffin or Casket is placed on the two strapes of the lowering device, which is so designed to keep the coffin or casket in an elevated position over the grave until the braking mechanism released, and the straps slowly unwind to lower the coffin or casket into the grave..It can be easily adjusted to accommodate all graves and can be set in a few seconds.
The use of a casket lowering device is extremely simple. Just release the brake and the mechanism will move. The force of gravity is used. And this one will not stop working suddenly! The straps on which the casket is placed are made of durable material, adapted to considerable loads. The whole is complemented by elegant, carefully sewn, velvet drapes available in three colors. We offer dedicated covers that facilitate transport of the casket lowering device and protect individual elements against dirt or mechanical damage.
Our devices are manufactured by heavy aluminum and stainless steel body, resist corrosion and maintain beauty, and provide strength and durability. The rugged mechanism is made of high quality steel and bronze to ensure its reliability and service life.
Ease of use is a huge advantage of the casket lowering device. The mechanism is activated by releasing the brakes.
The device lowers the casket to the grave at a constant speed, regardless of the weight of the casket. The depth at which you can lower the casaket depends on the length of the straps.
Thanks to the modular construction of the device, it can be assembled and dissembled quickly, its storage and transport do not cause any problems. Its components after disassembly are handy and convenient to transport and easy to clean.

The moment of placing the casket in the grave is the most difficult, if not the most difficult, moment for the family during the funeral process. Traditional funerals using ropes look less professional, add unnecessary drama and risk an unpleasant situation.

GA002 Funeral Casket Initiating Device With Placer Arms helps ease these difficult times by Lowering their numbers and making them calmer and more serious.

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