Why is an electric ambulance stretcher?


Natural disasters, accidents and public safety incidents have been happening all over the world. In various disasters and disasters, rescue has always been a concern of people, and ambulance stretcher is an important medical tool for transporting the injured in the rescue process.
In addition, in cities, people mostly live in high-rise buildings. When serious illnesses such as strokes cannot be moved autonomously, ambulance personnel also need to use ambulance stretchers to provide assistance. For buildings without elevators, it is very easy to move patients through stairs Tilt or even overturn.In the early stage of ambulance, excessive tilting during transportation will not only increase the suffering of the wounded and sick, but also cause the wounded and sick to deteriorate. It is easy to cause secondary injuries to the wounded and sick, which greatly reduces the efficiency of rescue, especially for Injured patients with fractures, internal injuries and internal bleeding can even endanger their lives.

Therefore, how to make the ambulance stretcher to reduce secondary harm has become a major problem in rescue work. At present, ordinary manual ambulance stretcher is difficult to meet rescue work in special occasions, so it is important to study more convenient ambulances to improve rescue efficiency.

Aluminum alloy electric folding ambulance stretcher adopts a clever frame structure, light flexibility, beautiful appearance, large carrier. The foam pad is used to make the injured and patient lie down. The telescopic handle is provided on both ends to facilitate lifting the stretcher. Driven by the battery, it is easy to transport the patient, which is easy to perform an electric ambulance stretcher through the sensor touch button, only 14 seconds from low to high, folding all legs for 10 seconds. 4 rotary wheels flexibly rotate, 150mm in diameter. The fixed casters can be adjusted to a universal casters. When the patient needs to infuse, one end of the ambulance stretcher surface can be inserted into the infusion stand.

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In order to provide the best service for your patient during the stretcher transportation and make them feel comfortable and safe, please be vigilant and be cautious, so that you can provide the safest ride for your patient.

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