Why does a nursing home need a stair climbing chair?


As you might imagine, staying active is an important part of nursing home residents’ daily efforts to stay healthy. The house found their lift unreliable, broke down and needed to call engineers regularly. It can take weeks for engineers to diagnose an elevator fault, let alone order parts to fix it. This means residents cannot easily attend meal times, enter gardens, attend events, go on trips or attend their medical appointments.

Elevator malfunctions then became a burden for home workers and residents. Simple tasks become time-consuming and potentially health and safety risks.

So how do you allow residents to move around so that they can participate in the everyday life of the nursing home?

stair climbing chair,up and down stairs,nursing home,power stair chair,battery-powered

What exactly is the Stair climbing chair?

That’s easy. As the name suggests, it is a device that takes people up and down stairs. Users can either sit on it (and use it as a chair seat) or attach a wheelchair to it and be carried up the stairs. It’s operated by trained staff who hold the handle at the top, and because it’s battery-powered, there’s almost no pressure on the person operating it.

stair climbing chair,up and down stairs,nursing home,power stair chair,battery-powered

Our clients love two things about our Power Stair Chair the most:

1. It’s battery powered. This means that if there is a fire, power outage or electrical problems, there will never be a problem helping people use the stairs.

2. It’s also completely mobile. This means the Stair Chair will never be attached or fixed to your staircase. Instead, you can store it in a safe place until you need it, and it can be used even in the most difficult, narrow or winding staircases.

Both residents and visitors need to be able to bypass your building. Whether it’s a staircase, a mezzanine, or a few large steps at the entrance to your home, your building needs to be as convenient as possible. Our goal is to provide safety, comfort and ease of use for passengers and operators, as well as smooth movement up and down stairs.


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