Why use a dissection table?


Mortuary tables or embalming tables may seem like harmless devices, but in reality, they play an important role in maintaining the safety of the people handling the bodies. Many people are surprised to learn that the blood discharged during the anticorrosion process enters the sewer system and is treated by the municipal waste treatment plant. The antiseptic table is specifically designed to effectively aid in the handling of blood. However, in addition to safety factors, mortuary or embalming tables are also designed to be convenient, allowing the deceased to be easily moved and disposed of.

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Mortuaries are used by different people in different Settings. They include hospital staff, medical schools and mortuary facilities. Antiseptic tables play an important role in protecting the safety of those who use them.

Stainless steel construction reduces the chance of exposure to infection. Bacteria can grow on almost any surface, including stainless steel. However, stainless steel is still the preferred material because it is resistant to microorganisms and is non-porous, so it does not promote bacterial growth. It’s also easy to disinfect.

The height of the embalming table can be adjusted, which is suitable for avoiding injury in the process of handling and transferring the body.

Some mortuary tables, such as hydraulic embalming tables, have removable end handles that allow easier access to various parts of the body, while also assisting in repositioning the table when it is in position.



The embalming table is designed to help the embalmer complete the necessary process of preparing the body for the funeral and then burying it. The table has features that make the preparation process simpler and more efficient. For example, a mortician embalms a body, performing a series of procedures to make the deceased look as natural as possible for family and friends to watch, and to dress up the body. The tilted morgue makes every step easier, from discarding the body and embalming fluid to the final dressing process.

If you want to buy an autopsy table, you need to pay attention to a few things:

1. Table height – Can the table height be adjusted to accommodate the different height of the person handling the deceased?

2. Adjustment system — hydraulic foot lever or manual adjustment system.

The GA202 dissection table can be easily lifted and tilted from either side using foot controls mounted on both sides. A hydraulic dissection car with an internal slotted stainless steel top is ideal for autopsy use.

dissection table,embalming table,autopsy table

3. Table size – The table top should be large enough to accommodate most adult men and women.

4. Drainage design – What kind of liquid drainage system is built into the workbench? Where’s the drain hole? What is the depth of the drain? Is the center of the table concave, convex or flat?

5. Clean – Stainless steel is the most commonly used metal in mortuary tables because it is easy to clean and does not stain.

6. Fluidity – The embalming table is used for embalming and bandaging the deceased. They are also used to move the bodies of the deceased from one location to another. The selected table should have locking wheels to hold it in place when in use.

7. Options – Options that provide convenience include the ability to adjust the tilt of the table ends, the ability to fold the table flat for storage, and so on.


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